resident evil 4 remake trophy guide 2023

resident evil 4 remake trophy guide 2023

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resident evil 4 remake trophy guide 2023

If you’re seeking to open all the prizes in Resident Evil 4 Remake, this guide will supply you with a roadmap of what you require to do. The guide has pointers as well as methods to help you complete the video game on the greatest trouble level as well as unlock all the surprise accomplishments.

Trophy Guide and Roadmap

Our Resident Evil 4 Remake Trophy Guide and Roadmap will certainly offer you a step-by-step guide on just how to unlock all the trophies as well as achievements in the video game. We have consisted of information on the needed actions, as well as the area and trouble degree needed to open each trophy.

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resident evil 4 remake trophy

Before we look into the private prizes, here are some basic pointers to bear in mind while playing the video game:

  • Always purpose for the head. Headshots deal even more damages as well as can conserve you a great deal of ammo.
  • Don’t waste ammo on enemies that you can prevent.
  • Update your weapons whenever you have the possibility.
  • Explore every nook and also cranny. You never recognize what beneficial items you might locate.

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Platinum Trophy

The Platinum Trophy in Resident Evil 4 Remake is the highest achievement you can unlock. To make it, you need to unlock all various other prizes in the game. This will certainly call for multiple playthroughs, as some trophies are just available on greater trouble degrees.

Trouble Trophies

Homeowner Evil 4 Remake has 4 problem degrees: Easy, Normal, Hard, and Professional. Each difficulty level has its own collection of trophies. You have to finish the video game on each trouble level to unlock the equivalent trophy.

Miscellaneous Trophies

There are numerous various trophies in the game that can be opened by finishing specific jobs. These jobs consist of completing the video game in under a certain amount of time, collecting all the prize, and obliterating a particular number of crows.

Prize Roadmap

Below is a roadmap that will certainly help you earn all the prizes in Resident Evil 4 Remake:

Step 1: Complete the Game on Normal Difficulty

Start by playing via the video game on Normal trouble. This will permit you to acquaint yourself with the video game’s technicians and story. You will unlock numerous trophies merely by completing the video game, including “The End” as well as “The Beginning of the End.”

Step 2: Complete the Game on Hardcore Difficulty

After finishing the game on Normal problem, it’s time to up the ante as well as play with the game on Hardcore problem. This will certainly be an extra challenging experience, however it’s required to make some of the game’s harder prizes. You will certainly open several a lot more prizes by completing the video game on this problem, consisting of “A Heart of Steel” and also “It Begins With a Ring.”

Step 3: Collect All the Treasures

There are different prizes to be discovered throughout the game, and also gathering them all will certainly make you the “Avarice” prize. Make use of the “Attaché Case” to handle your stock and make certain you do not miss out on any kind of prizes.

step 4: Complete All Assignment Ada Missions

Assignment Ada is a mini-game that becomes offered after finishing the primary game. There are 4 objectives to finish, as well as finishing them all will make you the “Assignment Complete” prize.

step 5: Complete All Separate Ways Missions

Separate Ways is one more mini-game that becomes offered after completing the main video game. There are five objectives to finish, and also finishing them all will gain you the “A Heart of Steel” trophy.

Step 6: Defeat All Bosses

There are several bosses in the game, as well as beating them all will certainly make you the “The S Stands for Stylish!!” prize. Be prepared for some hard fights!

step 7: Miscellaneous Trophies

Ultimately, there are a number of various prizes to gain in the game. These consist of trophies for firing every one of the blue medallions, killing 10 opponents with a headshot, and also finishing the game without making use of a first help spray.


Resident Evil 4 is a challenging video game, yet by following this guide, you need to have the ability to unlock all the trophies in an affordable amount of time. Best of luck!

To conclude, unlocking all the trophies in Resident Evil 4 Remake can be a challenging however rewarding experience. With our guide, you need to be well on your means to gaining the Platinum Trophy and coming to be a real master of the video game.

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