how to get ultimate burnout forza horizon 5

how to get ultimate burnout forza horizon 5

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how to get ultimate burnout forza horizon 5

Forza Horizon 5 is a racing game that is loved by many people. One of the most desirable skills to have is the Ultimate Burnout. This article will explain how to get this skill so that you can show off to your friends.

What is Ultimate Burnout?

Before we get into how to achieve Ultimate Burnout, let’s first discuss what it is. Ultimate Burnout is a skill in Forza Horizon 5, where your tires lose traction, and the car stays in one position, creating a fantastic smoke effect. It’s a popular skill, and it’s not easy to achieve.

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How to Get Ultimate Burnout Skill in Forza Horizon 5

The following steps will guide you through getting the Ultimate Burnout skill in Forza Horizon 5.

Step 1: Choose the Right Car

The first step in getting Ultimate Burnout is choosing the right car. The car should have rear-wheel drive, with plenty of horsepower; otherwise, you won’t have the power to keep the wheels spinning. One of the best cars for this skill is the Audi TT.

Step 2: Turn off Traction Control

Once you’ve chosen the right car, turn off the Traction Control. Traction Control helps you maintain grip while driving, but for Ultimate Burnout, you don’t want this assistance. Turn it off by going to the car settings and disabling Traction Control.

Step 3: Get Moving

The next step is to get moving. Accelerate the car, keep your foot down until you hit about 60-70 mph. Once you have reached this speed, slam on the brakes, press the clutch, and shift into second gear. Now, release the clutch while you give the car full throttle.

Step 4: Control the Burnout

Controlling the burnout is the next step. You need to keep the wheels spinning while keeping the car in one position. To do this, shift your weight from side to side, and use the emergency brake button to keep your car spinning. Keep your foot on the throttle while you do this, and your wheels will continue to spin, creating a beautiful smoke effect.

Video Tutorials

If you’re having trouble getting Ultimate Burnout, don’t worry, there are plenty of video tutorials available to help you. Check out this video tutorial by The Racing Monkey, or this tutorial by CarbonFox.


Getting Ultimate Burnout in Forza Horizon 5 can be challenging, but with the right car, settings, and a little practice, you can achieve it. Remember to turn off Traction Control, choose the right car, and control your burnout. With these tips, you’ll be impressing your friends with your Ultimate Burnout skills in no time.

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