Grave Lock Locations in Redfall


Grave Lock Locations in Redfall

Redfall is a recently launched action-adventure video game where gamers must find the fact concerning a historical creature of the night clan that has managed the little isle city of Redfall. The video game is loaded with puzzles, problems, and difficulties that gamers should get over to proceed via the video game and unlock its tips.

Grave Lock Locations

Redfall’s Grave Locks lie in a couple of areas around the city, and they are opened utilizing particular passkeys. These sites are actually:

  • Hester’s Room in Blackwood House
  • Katherine’s Room in Blackwood House
  • Agnes’ Room in Blackwood House
  • The Basement of Blackwood House
  • The Sisterhood Building


Q: How to perform I obtain the passkeys to uncover the Grave Locks?

A: The secrets are dispersed throughout the video game, so you require to look into the city and total missions to discover all of them. A few of the passkeys lie at the complying with areas:

  • The Irving Family Mausoleum
  • The Church Attic
  • The Lost Unit Edge mission
  • The Mansion’s Loft key

Redfall Blackwood House Keys

Q: Are there any kind of missable accomplishments connected to the Grave Locks?

A: Yes, there is one missable success phoned Faith Healer, which demands you to open up all the Grave Locks in the video game. Ensure to take a look at the sites meticulously and make use of the Burial Point chart for help.

Q: What are underboss craniums, and where can I utilize all of them?

A: Underboss craniums are concealed throughout the video game, and you can easily utilize all of them at a variety of churches found at the Burial Point (District 2).



Grave Locks are an integral part of the video game, and you require to uncover all of them to proceed via the video game. Ensure to look into the city meticulously, total missions, and discover the secrets to uncover all of them. The video game is loaded with surprise tips and puzzles that you require to find to prosper in the video game. Best of luck!

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