crash landing skill forza horizon 5 how to do it

crash landing skill forza horizon 5 how to do it

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crash landing skill forza horizon 5 how to do it

Forza Horizon 5 is a racing game that allows players to showcase their driving skills on various terrains. One of the most challenging yet thrilling skills to master is the crash landing skill. In this article, we will guide you through the necessary steps to help you perfect this technique and dominate the game.

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What is Crash Landing Skill?

Crash landing skill is a type of jump where the player’s vehicle takes off the ground, performs a flip or spin, and lands back on the ground before continuing the race. The skill requires great timing, precision, and control of the car, and it can earn you a massive amount of skill points, boost your leaderboard rankings and reward you with achievements.

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How to master Crash Landing Skill?

Performing a crash landing skill is not easy, and it requires plenty of practice to master it. However, with enough preparation and following the right steps, you can achieve this skill and impress your friends. Below are the steps to follow;

Step 1: Find a Suitable Location

The first step to performing a crash landing skill is to find a suitable location. Look for a hill or bump that will provide the vehicle with enough momentum to take off. The location should be safe and free from any obstacles that may damage your vehicle.

One of the best spots to try out this skill is at the Mallards Rest danger sign in the north of the map. Follow the road to the top of the hill and prepare for the jump.

Step 2: Build Momentum

Before attempting the jump, you need to build enough momentum by accelerating your car on a straight stretch. This will give your vehicle enough speed to make the jump and perform the skill successfully.

Step 3: Time Your Launch

The launch is the most crucial part of the crash landing skill. You need to time your jump correctly to for your vehicle to take off at the right moment. When you approach the jump, keep your speed constant and keep an eye on the timing line—that small red vertical bar at the bottom of the screen—to get your timing right. Launch your car just before the timing line hits the bottom to achieve the perfect launch.

Step 4: Control Your Vehicle

While in the air, you will need to control your vehicle to perform flips or spins. Use the left stick to adjust the pitch and roll of the vehicle, and use the right stick to control the rotation of the car.

Take note that performing too many stunts can cause your car to lose control and crash when landing, so keep your stunts to a minimal and focus on a clean landing.

Step 5: Stick the Landing

The final step is landing, which is also the trickiest part. You need to make sure that your vehicle lands safely and continues the race without damage. To achieve this, make sure to level the car by keeping the nose pointed downwards when landing, and try to hit the ground with all four wheels simultaneously.


Crash landing skill in Forza Horizon 5 is a thrilling way to earn skill points and impress your friends. By following the above steps and practicing, you can improve your technique and master this skill. Remember, timing your jump and controlling your vehicle while in the air is the key to a successful crash landing. So, get behind the wheel, pick a suitable location, and try to achieve that perfect jump.

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With that, we’ve finished our article about crash landing skill forza horizon 5. Hope this guide finds you well and helps you☺.

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