BritePool SignOn for Publishers

BritePool SignOn is a tool designed to solve two perplexing problems for publishers of all sizes.

  • First, it provides publishers with the tools and incentives to generate consumer sign in, so publishers can develop a real one to one link with their user base.
  • Second, it provides a tool to reduce the number of people that select “Do Not Sell My Personal Information.”  It does this by offering an alternative, “Help me Control my Personal Information.”
  • BritePool SignOn also manages for publishers the home page opt-out option, “The Front-Page Requirement,” of the California Consumer Privacy Act.

Consumer identities, with verified email addresses, enable publishers to know their readership for better content creation and makes it possible to provide high-quality targeted advertising to website visitors.

  • Building and securing a verified audience for targeted advertising, powered at scale by BritePool Select’s growing membership and group  from participating publishers, is why BritePool says, “Sign in to save the open web.”
  • Publishers can retain and grow the value of their audience-based advertising inventory.
  • Provides a unique service that complies with emerging consumer privacy regulations without losing the ability to target high-value audience members.