All participants will receive recognition for leading the ecosystem wide challenges

Publishers that deploy BritePool’s Universal ID receive: 

  • A consumer-focused approach compliant with the California Consumer Privacy Act, including updates and customer research
  • Publishers who display opt-in messages to consumers on their websites receive equity units for each consumer opt-in delivered
  • Increased share of advertising budgets by delivering ads only to advertisers’ verified customers
  • The ability to continually decrease reliance on cookies
  • Unlimited access to the universal identify platform
  • Unlimited advertiser data onboarding to deliver media across owned properties

Benefits for advertisers:

•   Leapfrog consumer privacy and opt-in regulations
•   Ability to market and advertise through a consumer-centric database
    – Increased targetability to an engaged audience
    – Ability to create advantage through publisher partnerships
•   One view of all data sets
•   Blockchain guarantees supply chain transparency
•   Reduced data technology infrastructure costs and capex