Empowering the responsible use of data on the web

We want advertisers and publishers to thrive without misusing your data. Our new technology allows your data to be shared in a way that is smarter and more responsible.

What does “responsible” mean?

In the world of advertising and online publishers, data is important. However, not much data is actually needed. Sure, advertisers would love to know your name, address, phone number, and more to solicit you in a number of ways. But in order for you to see a relevant ad on a website, all they really need to know is your preferences.

We’ve created a technology that generates a unique identification number that represents you. This ID is shared with sites and carries only the preferences you’ve indicated—without giving away more information than is needed.

We ask for your name and email address only to build an account on our platform, but we never share that information with any of our sites or any advertisers. All they know is your 10-digit BritePool ID and your ad preferences. Sharing more than that carries the potential of crossing the line from responsible to reckless and we won’t go there.

The impact on advertisers and websites

Online advertising thrives on knowing as much about you as possible, and until recently, cookies have helped to make that possible, tracking you and transmitting data about you. The more that is known about you, the more valuable you are to advertisers.

The age of the cookie is dying. This may seem like good news for your data privacy, but in fact, it is bad news for most websites.

Giants like Google and Facebook will survive in an internet free of cookies. They know exactly who you are, what you like, and what you’re doing, because you’ve signed in to their services and continue to sign in to apps, websites, and other online products using their convenient log-in mechanisms.

When advertisers can no longer target you accurately without cookies, they will spend all their money with Google and Facebook, crippling many other websites that rely on ad revenue to bring content to the web. 

BritePool wants to help more websites survive by bringing them our safer and more responsible technology.

Since we are not tracking you, we won’t know if it’s you on one of our sites unless you sign in. Once you are signed in, a site is certain you exist and can charge advertisers a higher fee to show you an ad. This provides more revenue to create more content that you value. And because the website and the advertisers have a better idea of what you like, they can show you ads for products and services that are most relevant to you.

Advertisers make money. Websites stay in business. You see ads that actually matter to you without having to give away more data than you want. (And you can earn rewards.)

Our community

We have collected a community of sites who are aligned with our mission to use data responsibly. Online publishers who provide the information and entertainment you most value want to continue to bring you these experiences. They want to thrive in this cookie-free world. By joining us, you will not only get the personal benefits of a BritePool account, you’ll help support the sites you value most.

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