2023 in Review




2023 is here, and it’s sure to be a year of dramatic changes for the programmatic ad industry. Last year, BritePool focused on building a strong foundation for the emerging era of identity management. In many ways, our work in 2020 demonstrates how we believe the future will unfold. Here is a quick look back at everything BritePool accomplished in 2020 to meet the challenges of 2023 and beyond.


At BritePool, we believe that Google will follow through on its plans to eliminate third-party cookies. As our CTO wrote, it may not happen by the end of this year, but it will surely happen within the first few months of 2022.

To prepare for the tectonic shift away from cookies, we focused on five distinct goals last year: Finishing the development of our technologies and validating their efficacy; developing our supply-chain at scale; integrating our capabilities across the adtech ecosystem; expanding our services and reach through partnerships; and building a pipeline of initial advertiser campaigns using BritePool’s technologies.



Identity Resolution Technologies


Last year, we finished the development of two technologies: As reported by the press, we completed our cookieless system development and demonstrated its efficacy in a live programmatic ad campaign. Our success in reaching Safari and Firefox users in a pilot programmatic campaign with Harry & David was particularly noteworthy

We also created Verified Audiences, a cookie-based interim system that is more accurate than traditional third-party cookies. We will offer this capability to advertisers so long as the browsers allow the use of cookies.



Building Our Supply Chain Through Publisher Partnerships


In 2020, we completed the development of our easy-to-implement publisher kit and began enrolling web publishers to join our supply chain. In the emerging era of identity management, a large base of web destinations with logged-in users is essential for success.

We started 2020 with few publisher relationships. Today, we have contracts that encompass 150 million unique identities and expect this total to more than double in the coming year. Our supply chain will soon encompass traditional content publishers such as G/O Media and Café Media, as well as high-traffic web destinations such as PCH, Quizlet, and Evite


Integrations Across the Adtech Ecosystem


n the emerging era, integrations across the adtech ecosystem are also essential for success. Partnerships with DSPs and SSPs are necessary for ad campaigns to successfully target IDs in the bidstream and accurately manage frequency caps.

It’s exciting to note that, in 2020, leading SSPs, including PubMatic and Sonobi, integrated with BritePool, along with top DSPs such as MediaMath, Adform, Mobiquity’s Advangelists, and InMobi. These entities represent over 10,000 websites and mobile apps, as well as 30,000 advertisers worldwide.



Partnerships in the U.S. and Across the Globe


From the outset, we recognized that partnerships with innovative companies would accelerate our success. Last year, we expanded our relationship with Throtle to provide onboarding services for clients. We also announced the integration of the BritePool ID with Aqilliz, an innovative Singapore-based company that uses distributed ledger technology to enhance the programmatic ad system. We will announce additional partnerships later this year.



A Key Hire and Validation with Advertisers


In April of 2020, we added Chris Hartley to the BritePool team as our Chief Revenue Officer. Chris, and the team he is building, subsequently forged new relationships with the Havas Group, Matterkind, Kinesso, Yum! Brands, Zillow, and Lending Tree. These agencies and advertisers are all investigating launching ad campaigns targeting the BritePool ID for their clients or themselves.



Conclusion: A Time of Accelerating Demand


As we enter 2021, our internal pipeline lists 125 companies across our constituencies that want to work with BritePool in Q1. We view the accelerating size of this list of web destinations, advertisers, agencies, and adtech companies as validating the alignment of our capabilities with market needs.

The programmatic ad system is now adapting to the approaching realities of a cookieless world and greater privacy regulation. As this process unfolds, BritePool will continue to ensure the vitality of the Open Web with all constituents of the digital advertising industry.



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