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It's the way the web works. Advertisers make money by capturing your attention. Your favorite websites make money from running ads. We think you should benefit too.

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Let's be real. Advertisers pay for your attention and what they pay is the income your favorite sites need to provide you with the content you value. But ads are not the enemy. The real problem is when data is collected, sold, and passed around in a reckless way.

BritePool has a better way. Our technology allows websites and advertisers to engage with you in a way that is more responsible. They win⁠—and you will too.

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Enaging with BritePool is easy⁠—and free! Just do what you normally do when you use the internet. Here's how it works step by step.

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BritePool helps connect consumers with publishers and advertisers through a smarter and more responsible way to share data. We empower you to take control of the ads you see and arm you with information to protect your privacy on the web. Plus, we help your favorite websites thrive.

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We're concerned about the changes related to the internet, advertising, and data collection. We want to support advertisers and publishers, and we don't want your data to be misused. Join us and help us to improve the future of the internet.

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